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Thursday, July 9 |  11:00 AM EDT

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Flexible Tools to Connect with Your Residents

With the incredible speed at which things are changing around us, staying in communication with your residents is crucial. Sending automated communications from Callmax is a great way to get new information out to your residents using their preferred method of contact (text message, email, phone call) to ensure that your message is received.

With Callmax, you can easily:

  • Share information about community events, rent reminders, weather warnings, security notices, and routine maintenance, and use the emergency override option to expedite your message.
  • Document communications and confirm that your message was delivered with receipts.
  • Set up automated responses to make communications more consistent and reliable.
  • Create pre-scripted immediate response messaging for maintenance service requests.
  • Decrease liability exposure with call recording.

Join us for a product showcase to learn more about Callmax and how your housing organization can benefit from this powerful suite of communication tools.

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