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Navigating New Challenges

TCAM Webinar Series: What Asset Managers
Should Be Thinking About Right Now

As our industry’s understanding of the COVID-19 crisis has evolved, affordable housing Asset Managers continue to navigate a dynamic set of challenges. Though we certainly don’t have every answer, TCAM’s relationships with a wide range of housing organizations, investors, and regulators nationwide gives us some insights about how various segments of our industry are impacted and are responding.

Watch the second on-demand webinar in the series, where TCAM's senior leadership shares observations and discusses what Asset Managers should be looking at in the current situation.

You'll hear from:

Jenny Netzer
Managing Director
Martha Shults
Senior Director
Tracy McDermott
Senior Director
Elaine Magil
Peter Haley


*Note: This webinar does not constitute financial or legal advice.

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