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Advertise your company with MRI Software

There are many opportunities available to advertise within the MRI environment. Scroll down to learn more.

MRI Software is offering opportunities to our partners to advertise within the MRI environment. Opportunities include myMRI case emails, phone hold messaging, the myMRI homepage and ads at the beginning and end of MRI Flix videos. Use the tables below to explore all the options available and pricing for each. Use the form to order the items you want, after which we will reach out to complete the purchase.

If you have any questions or would like any additional information on any items, please contact Madalyn McIntyre.

myMRI Case Emails

Have your logo and website url displayed on both case open and case closed emails with clients.

Primary Products of Interest for Partners:

  • Accounts Payable: 17,160 Cases Created/Closed
  • Commercial Management: 18,436 Cases Created/Closed
  • General Ledger: 7,066 Cases Created/Closed
  • Residential Management: 12,357 Cases Created/Closed

Email metrics for 2019

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Phone Hold Messaging

Have up to 2 separate ads read over the phone during the on-hold period of support calls.

Monthly Call Volume:

  • October 2019: 16,366+
  • November 2019: 20,349+
  • December 2019: 19,616+
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myMRI Homepage Banner

Have a banner ad displayed on the myMRI homepage.

Q4 2019 myMRI Logins: 46,027+

2019 myMRI Logins: 177,955+

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Region List Price Dates of Exposure
North America $ 5,000.00 MONTHLY
EMEA $ 5,000.00 MONTHLY
APAC $ 5,000.00 MONTHLY

MRI Flix Videos

Have up to 2 separate ads run at the beginning and end of MRI Flix videos.

200+ Flix videos published to date

100+ related to MRI PM (RM, CM, AP/GL, etc.)

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