Is your real estate business using spreadsheets to manage fixed assets?

Managing fixed assets for your real estate business can involve manual processes that risk compliance issues and could inaccurately represent the cost of an asset. 

Fixed asset software is key for staying compliant with US and international accounting standards and reducing your overall tax obligation.

MRI Financial solutions users can save more time and be more confident in the accuracy of their asset register with asset creation, automated calculations, and corresponding journal entries as the result of a deep integration between the two solutions. 

This white paper will discuss seven compelling reasons why spreadsheets are not a reliable method for managing fixed assets in the real estate industry

Download the report to learn:

  • The importance of using fixed asset software designed for real estate
  • How asset management software can speed up audits and save time
  • The compliance risks of using spreadsheets to manage fixed assets
  • How spreadsheets threaten data integrity and security of your business