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Navigating New Challenges 
What Asset Managers should be thinking about right now

Wednesday, June 3  |  2:30 PM EDT

As our industry’s understanding of the COVID-19 crisis has evolved, affordable housing Asset Managers continue to navigate a dynamic set of challenges. Though we certainly don’t have every answer, TCAM’s relationships with a wide range of housing organizations, investors, and regulators nationwide gives us some insights about how various segments of our industry are impacted and are responding.

Join us for the second webinar in this free series, where TCAM's senior leadership share up-to-date observations about what Asset Managers across the affordable housing sector should be doing in the current situation.

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You'll hear from:

Jenny Netzer
Managing Director
Martha Shults
Senior Director
Tracy McDermott
Senior Director
Elaine Magil
Peter Haley


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