Live Webinar

 Diving Into the Impact of COVID-19

  May 14  |  2:00 PM EDT

A Data-Driven Look at the Effect of the Pandemic on the Multifamily Industry

Join our deep dive into the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the multifamily industry, as we follow the data through the residential lifecycle and explore key metrics. We’ll share new ways to surface relevant information to support your decision making based on market conditions, MRI client stories, and solution evaluation.

We'll also discuss the business impact on MRI clients and present MRI product enhancements designed to address challenges created by COVID-19, including payment agreements, call handling, and document management.

Bonus: Attend the webinar to find out about our exclusive offers for MRI clients to help manage more effectively during this period.

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You'll hear from:

Jen Henkel

Director, Product Management, MRI Software

Brian Zrimsek

Industry Principal, MRI Software


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