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MRI Budgeting & Forecasting

Intuitive. Accurate. Efficient.

Producing budgets and forecasts -- planning, executing, and measuring the results -- are a critical part of any successful business. When multiple software applications are trying to work together, duplicate entry of data, time-consuming integration issues, and insufficient reporting features can cost your business precious resources. MRI Budgeting & Forecasting eliminates these problems, creating smooth budgeting processes and drawing on the rich, multilayered data already in your MRI system.

Additional Functionality Includes:

  • Easy-to-use web interface
  • Expense and revenue budgeting
  • CPI calculations and recoveries
  • Workbook structure and security enable better collaboration
  • Reforecast as often as needed
  • New Retail Functionality available in B&F with MRI 4.5.4